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From the APP’s Choosing a Piercer brochure

This is meant to be a guideline and to aid you in having a safe piercing experience.

  • See their autoclave (sterilizer)

An autoclave is a device that sterilizes the jewelry, tools and equipment necessary to perform your piercing/s by eliminating bacteria and its spores. The most effective units available to studios use a combination of steam and pressure. (”Dry Heat” is NOT considered appropriate for sterilization.) Absolutely no studio should be in operation without this vital piece of equipment!

  • Spore test Results

A spore test (biological indicator) is the only way to know that an autoclave is working properly. Biological indicators actually test the autoclave’s ability to kill even the most dangerous & resistant organisms such as HIV, Hepatitis, etc. The studio should keep recent results on file and be willing to show them to you.

  • Piercing Set-up

Ask if you can watch them set-up for a piercing and be in the room when they set up for yours. The piercer should first wash and glove their hands. The equipment should be sealed in individual sterilized packages and placed on a tray. The piercer should change gloves if they touch anything in the room other than you and the sterile equipment. All needles should be in individual sterile packages and should be opened while you are present. NEVER let a piercer use a needle on you that was soaked in a liquid. All needles should be disposed of in a sharps container (usually a small red box marked “biohazard”) after they have been used on a single client.

  • Do they provide aftercare guidelines?

The aftercare for your piercing should be explained to you and provided in writing. Read this sheet BEFORE you have the piercing done! If it tells you to treat your piercing with harsh soap, ointment, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, the studio is not keeping up with industry standards.

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For those of you who don’t have an APP member within reach, this can be really helpful. 

A piercer doesn’t HAVE to be an APP member to be good, but usually the two overlap.

- Kat


Those collarbones!

Inactive blog is inactive, sorry guys, work is hell, hobbies are time-consuming


Those collarbones!

Inactive blog is inactive, sorry guys, work is hell, hobbies are time-consuming

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Who are you and why aren’t you loving me

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Some appreciation, because this blog is inactive a lot

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midnight--melody said: Hi! I have a stretching dilemma... My kit started at 14g with Surgical Steel tapers but my smallest sized tunnel is in a 10g so shame on me, I kept the tapers in. sorta alternating between regular jewellery for my job. That's that and I know whatever happens is my own fault. When I stretched I used Vaseline and had a hot bath and it took some effort (no blood)and I'm not sure if it hurt too much? I have these like.. Red lumps at the back of my ears and I don't know if it's a blow out. .-.

Well it depends on the appearance of the lumps, a picture would be a great help, or you could google blowouts and see if they match the look of your own ears.

You know what you’ve done isn’t perfect practice, which is good, but I just want to point out that Vaseline (or any oil based lubricants) are not good for your ears. Try water based, most lube used for the sexy times will suffice, just double check it is completely water based.

You could even be having a reaction to the Vaseline in your fistula, open wounds can take in a lot of bacteria. I would suggest a downsize if you’re really unsure.

When you stretch up again, make sure that the resistance isn’t too high when you stretch up, it shouldn’t be a massive struggle, and if it is, stop and go back to your old size for 2-4 weeks. It’s a long time to wait, but a small price to pay for lovely ears.

You seem to know your way around, just don’t get stupid ;D

vivere-est-mori said: I dont know why that was anonymous the last time i asked haha, i was just curious because everyone that ive ever talked to, licenced piercers, have always told me tapers are not good to stretch with, however, dead stretching isnt good either. Im a piercer. Ill be lisenced in a few months. But i was just curious to know where.you got your info from.

Tapers are bad after a point, dead stretching is way bad

Tapers are OK to stretch with up to about 6-8mm, concave tapers are better. NEVER wear them as jewellery. This will be my manta forever haha ;)

Anonymous said: So i was curious to know if youre a licenced pericer/ tattoo artist, or if you're basing your answers to these clueless people off google, or self experience.

Hello there!!

I should start by mentioning that I thought I had a disclaimer on the blog, but I don’t because I am very silly sometimes.

OK, I am not a licensed body mod artist, nor do I use Google for the most part (except if I need to clarify something like ingredients in creams, or something along those lines)

I have gathered my information from study of great body mod artists and also from trial and error of my own, and friends’ escapades. I never claim to be a professional. I will always advise for professional advice to be sought on major things.

But for tips and tricks, I like to think my information and advice is solid and cannot do harm. Nobody should ever listen to me and go “OK, herp derp, I will take your advice over a professional/licensed artist yolo” because that’s stupid.

The things I tell other people to do is not just my opinion, it is usually shared by some of the great body mod experts (see: Elayne Angel, she is amazing) and if there is ANYTHING I am even SLIGHTLY unsure of, I have several friends in the industry to consult.

But seriously, don’t take my word as gospel, ask around some clued up people, you will see patterns emerging in good advice



Nick’s biomech sleeve in progress with some close-ups of the details from the last session.


Artist: Paco Dietz



Studio: Graven Image Tattoo, Santa Clara CA

Wow, fuck you and your perfect arm!

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Elayne Angel’s blowout remedy and advice.
Her blog can be found here: http://piercingbible.tumblr.com


Elayne Angel’s blowout remedy and advice.

Her blog can be found here: http://piercingbible.tumblr.com


fuck this is awesome! looks too good! XD


fuck this is awesome! looks too good! XD